Wednesday, November 16, 2011

PMP and my Passion

Hi all! It has been a while I know,but I have been so caught up in different activities (One of them is what I am going to talk about), so finding time to blog has been an uphill task.
But as usual I try to find a way around any circumstance *winks*.
Back to the topic of today PMP (Project Management Professional), some weeks ago I was opportune to attend the above training and to say the least it was a big EYE OPENER for me. I enjoyed the training so much because of its real world practicality and more interestingly ‘the fact that a wedding was referred to as a project and so WEDDING PLANNING is PROJECT MANAGEMENT!’ Sincerely my heart skipped a beat when that was talked about.
So back to the topic; most people mix up Projects with Operations but they are two very different things that are somewhat related. I will explain why; this is because a project eventually turns into an operation but that is after it has been accepted to have fulfilled all stated requirements. So first we have a Project then an Operation. I also learnt some interesting terms used to depict situations during a project management life cycle, terms like: Gold plating, Scope creep, fast tracking and crashing e.t.c I also learnt and understood the different process groups and knowledge areas required in successful initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and closing of a project. More so I enjoyed real life project experiences from my class mates, real life scenarios used by our lecturers, the jokes, the laughs and I will be very ungrateful if I fail to mention the sumptuous breakfast and lunch breaks I was always looking forward to..LOL.
Our lecturers made available videos of 2 of the most Impressive projects in the world.
The first was the train blazing project to construct the 4th tallest hotel in the world located on an artificial Island in U.A.E called the Burj Al Arab hotel .This project was herculean because the project team faced a lot of technical and environmental challenges, but at last it was finally completed. Today it is about one of the most expensive hotels in the world which fetches a lot of revenue for U.A.E {I hope to sleep there someday…who dash monkey banana? LOL}
The second project was to construct the Hong Kong International Airport which also seats on an island but this time a natural island. I watched with interest the serious hitches on the first day of commencing business, how they were surmounted and how in spite of everything it now operates as one of the world's largest passenger terminal buildings and works 24hrs.
This is just a tip of the iceberg but all in all I am so happy I was part of it all. I am also very enthusiastic to apply my newly acquired PMP skills and techniques to wedding planning which has always being my passion.
Thanks y’all for your time talk to you guys soon till then…..Ta!

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