Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Can she speak?

Hello my beautiful people! How have you all been? I have been fine and I'm sure you all have been good too. Today I really want to talk about something that comes to my mind most times when I attend weddings, so let's talk about it. The MC announces that the groom is to make the vote of thanks,the microphone is passed to the groom....STOPPPP! Here is my question 'can she speak?' Can the bride  also say her own vote of thanks? Can she express appreciation to her friends in ASOEBI that have saved up to look good on her big day and worked so hard to help make it a success? Can she not express appreciation to her parents and parents of the wonderful man that just became her husband? What about that mutual friend that hooked them up,can she also say thanks to that friend in her speech?
Inasmuch as I understand that the man is the head of the new home I also feel the woman should be able to also say thank you to people she would also want to thank and then pass the microphone to her hubby to conclude the vote of thanks or put a cap to the speech as the head.
Well,this is just my opinion and at Weddings by Nona, we preach individuality....It's about YOU so you are free to break the rules and have fun responsibly  on your big day. BUt,my people I would like to hear your views on this,awaiting your comments but till then,Catch ya! #winks

Monday, July 29, 2013


YAY! I'm back...It has been a very long while! Hope you guys didn't miss me much oh xoxo. Truth is I was neck deep busy with some things that happened in my life, talk about the good, the bad and the ugly but I thank God I have been able to find my way back to blogging which is fun for me.
SO what has been happening people? Looks like I have lost touch with the whole wedding thingy Lol,because I havent really had time to do alot of wedding planning because of the changes in recent time. So probably I will be talking about random things for now,but planning weddings still remains my first and true love.
Just thought I should put up this post so that y'all know that I'm back and better by FAR! #winks