Monday, September 5, 2011

Weddings by Nona: Bride crossing the line and becoming a BRIDEZILLA!!

Hello Everyone! It has been a very longtime……I have just been out and about hence the silence.
So today I have picked a wonderful topic to talk about: “Bride crossing the line and becoming a BRIDEZILLA!”…can I see single ladies nodding their heads? Oh yeah, some of us have experienced this (as in a former wonderful friend turning into a monster because she is about to get hitched). So I say, ‘u are about to get married so what dah heck? Is it like the doors to wedlock will be locked up after you say your marriage vows?’ **rolling eyes** and **taking a deep breath**
Anyway, as a planner I have learnt to deal with brides like this because it is my job, still I have met wonderful brides that have made my featuring in their weddings an experience I am not forgetting in a hurry( I’m saving that topic for another time).
So let’s start the story of how a bride turns into a BRIDEZILLA and the line crossing signs, are we ready? (speaking in strong British accent)
v Guy meets girl
v Guy dates girl
v Girl’s family forces guy to marry girl
v Guy is not ready emotionally, mentally and financially
v Guy transfers pressure to girl
v Girl starts acting up
Line crossing signs
· Insults friends (Frontal or subtly).
· Carries airs around herself.
· Insults single older ladies.
· Insults her vendors.
· Insults bridal train and makes them feel they are doing themselves a favor and not her.
· Starts snubbing all and sundry.
· Starts seeing and making imaginary boundaries in her head.
I could go on and on, but I decide to stop it here.
Now if u had fallen victim to a BRIDEZILLA these are some recovery tips for you:
For an unmarried lady: Keep your head high up your time will come, who says that it is 'she that marries first that has it really smoooooth and blissful?' You see, it is just like getting admitted into the university some people got admitted very fast while others had to stay at home for a while but at the end, some of those that supposedly got in fast came out to sit at home because of unemployment. Meanwhile some that got in late and had their cards played out well before getting into school had jobs waiting for them. So what am I saying: There is no need to rush every dog has its day.
For the vendors: Just be careful she does not bite you (lol) but as much as possible forget the attitude and get your job done remember, you are being paid for the service.
For the bridal train: Oh yes.... that is life, at least you have learnt a valuable lesson and you understand not to act that way when it is your time.
Alright people take good care of you and remember to send me a shout or comments on this topic. Till next time, I am saying bye!
Weddings by Nona
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