Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why you need a good naija wedding planner!

· Wedding planners have got all the details concerning your big day because they are up with the trend, they can also present you with tips on looking your best…..
· Wedding planners provide competent vendors for your wedding ceremony; this is because they know the tested and trusted hands in the industry.
· Once the details are with the planner, you can actually go to sleep and wake up on your wedding day!
· Works well to ensure a stress free day, because she is responsible!
· Planners can bring styles or that touch of class you have always craved for taking time and effort to source for details and decor that will make you feel like a princess on your big day.
· Most weddings go over budget, but with a planner a real budget can be worked with.
· Planners also know how to negotiate and get the best deals from vendors.
· A planner gives you the best options but makes you make your choice.
· Planners will help you establish a timeline and keeps the client aware of their progress with constant feedback.
· Planners will help to ease out family and friends stress, you don’t need to step on toes or be walked up to on your big day!
· Finally and most importantly a good planner converts your dreams and resources into a perfectly planned occasion.

But we at weddings et al…….know all the naija things,we are truly down to earth and treat you like a friend and not a job!
Come on board let’s help make your wedding an exclamation and not an explanation!
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